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In 2012, the Speed Demon racing team carved a new set of speed marks into the historical record on the revered Bonneville Salt Flats. Driver George Poteet, 12 times, drove the sleek streamliner in excess of 400 miles per hour. The feat was ground-breaking in amateur motorsports.

“You can’t do this by yourself. You can’t do this with just a team either. You need so many people to help that when you finally reach even a small goal, let alone a world record, you are so very grateful for all the help you have been given along the way. What the Speed Demon Racing Team accomplished in 2012 humbled me. I wanted to make sure what we did was not forgotten, or got mixed up as time went on. This book represents the combined efforts of dozens of people but is dedicated to the Speed Demon team members who have allowed me to leave my family with something rather interesting to remember me by.” ~ George Poteet

Car owner Poteet sat down with author “LandSpeed” Louise Ann Noeth to recount the fabulous racing season revealing his heartfelt gratitude about each and every team member that year, as well as a the critical role each played. This authorized chronicle of the 2012 ups, downs, and forehead slapping astonishing deeds includes explanations of the car’s powertrain, how aerodynamics factor into the stunning performance, and supported by fabulous intimate photographs of how it all unfolded.

Less than 200 of these books were printed and only a quarter of them were autographed by Owner/Driver George Poteet as well as each team member.

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Astronaut John Glenn used Utah’s Bonneville Salt Flats as a landmark from space, but on earth amateur motorsports enthusiasts have used the blistering hot, flat pancake as a speed laboratory for more than a century. With their handcrafted cars, trucks and motorcycles, thousands of men and women have hosted pageants of power each summer since 1949. Every single one came looking for the answer to the same question: “How fast will to go?” And those efforts have made them the fastest people on earth reaching speeds in excess of 500MPH. On the salt, people find the limits of their courage, they learn what daring greatly is all about, and understand why a Bonneville Salt Flats speed record is an internationally respected pedigree. People who race on the salt flats become a family bound together by speed – a powerful force that erases ethnic, economic, political and religious barriers: They are land speed racers. And this is their story.


The 128 page book with more than 200 images and art, is a chronology from 1914 to 2020 with three specialty chapters each devoted to Women Racers, Motorcycles & Thrust Powered Speed Machines. After 20 years of research, first time in print: EVERY car & motorcycle that ran at the inagural 1914 time trial thanks to illustrator Robert “Steady Hand” Rampton.

Single copies are $27.00 postage paid via media mail.

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